Skies Fell are a four piece post rock band form Glasgow. Working closely with the band a striking piece of cover art for their Self titled EP was created.


  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration
  • Hand Type

An organic process

We worked closely with the band to build a peice of environmental art that we could use as the basis for the album artwork. We let our surroundings and materials om location dictate what we made. Armed with our imagination and a love for Andy Goldsworthy's work, we got to it.


While we were extremely happy with the physical results of the day, the front cover still needed a little more. So after experimenting with different textures and particle effects we were able to get a across the explosive and powerful characteristics of the band's music.

Hand lettering

After creating something so unique with our hands it made sense to take the same approach with the typography for the sleeve front and back. By hand lettering the band's name for the cover, the tracklist and for the record stickers we were able continue the theme of creating something completely unique.

Futher development

The burning inverted droplet shape was then further developed and stylised for use with other printed materials and promotional items.