Bread Meats Bread has erupted on to Glasgow's burger scene and is largley responsible for the recent addition of Glasgow's burger district to the city's landscape. Recent awards include Scotland's Best Burger of 2016, Glasgow's Best Burger 2015 & 2016, People's Choice Award and Glasgow Best Rebel Burger of 2015. To top it off Bread Meat's Bread was also Yelp's "Top Place to Eat in Glasgow" 2016. We were delighted to deliver a web design that lives up to this reputation.

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  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Branding Design

A new website and online presence

When I started working with Bread Meats Bread their website and brand identity didn't quite live up to their rapidly growing reputation as the best burger joint in Glasgow. I was delighted to be a part of bringing their brand identity and online presence inline with their quality of produce and service.

Brand identity development

As part of the brand development work, I looked at refreshing the current logo and implementing a new colour palette and typography choices that better reflected the brand.