Glasgow night shots and recreating Cinestill 800t

December 11, 2020

Night time photowalk

My friend and fellow photographer over at A Wee Jaunt got me on to a particular type of film stock called Cinestill 800t.

This film has very unique characteristics due to the way the film is processed. In very simple layman’s terms, it’s a film stock used for cinema but converted for use with 35mm film cameras. The processing that allows it to work for film cameras also leads to a very unique type of halation where tungsten lights next to blocks of dark colour causes a red glow or halo. The film stock also has a very blue and muted look to it and works great when shooting lights and signs in the dark.

I’m working on making this preset better and possibly working out a set of photoshop actions to apply the red halation to the image, but I liked these images and thought I’d share my progress so far.